A Source Beyond Man’s World

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All that we have said so far confirms the fact that there is no human source from which the Qur’an was derived, neither from within the man who delivered it nor from any human being. Anyone who tries to make it a ‘human production’ comes unstuck.

Confused, overweening and stubborn, his failure is manifest. Hence, we need to move on and look for a source of the Qur’an outside the human domain altogether.

We must not stop at the point unbelievers, old and modern, reached, attributing the Qur’an to self inspiration at times, and to human teaching at others, or to a mixture of both. Logic dictates that we should reject what has been proved, by strong evidence, to be false. In fact we should follow the logical argument until we find the clear truth.

The unbelievers claim that they have refrained from following the logical argument only because they respect natural laws and understand the reasons which make people say something or another, whether based on personal logic and experience or reporting what others may have said.

Faithful to natural science, as they claim themselves to be, they do not go beyond its domain in order to look for something they do not see or experience. We have seen, however, that this attitude has turned against them.

For it causes them to overstep the natural limits of reason and history, leading them to self-contradiction, to changing history, and to forcing things out of their nature.

What reasonable person would adopt such an attitude, spurning his own reason in order to follow his habits!

The truth is that they have another reason which prevents them from joining us in our pursuit, but they try to conceal it.

This is the fact that they feel too proud to acknowledge leadership to a man who, all of a sudden, claims himself to be God’s Messenger, having the right to be obeyed in what he orders or forbids.

This man also puts the hard facts before their eyes, separating them from their past to which they want to cling, and from their desires which they want to fulfil: “He has brought them the truth, and the truth do most of them detest!”

(23: 70.)

Therefore, we will leave them where they wish to remain. We will continue our pursuit of the truth, praying to God to guide us to it. By His grace we shall have that guidance.

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