The Qur’an: A Literary Miracle

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We seek clarification from anyone who has the slightest doubt that the Qur’an is a miraculous piece of linguistic and literary excellence. We ask such a person why he entertains such doubts.

Has he ever thought himself capable of producing a masterpiece of equal literary excellence? Does he acknowledge his inability to do so but assumes that other people may be able to produce what he cannot?

Is he fully aware that nobody has ever produced a book of equal literary value to the Qur’an? Does he accept that this is the result of their inability to achieve such a feat or does he believe that their inability is due to the unique nature of the Qur’an itself? Does he know that it is the Qur’an, itself, that placed them in this position of inability, because of its own unique style? Does he recognise that the Qur’an has always been, and still is, a miracle defying all people to produce anything similar to it, and that that includes the person who brought it to us? Or is he convinced of all this, but does not know the reasons for it all?

These, then, represent six different situations, and we have a separate answer for each. We will outline our answers in the same order.

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Aspirations Shattered

It may be such a person’s doubts arise from the fact that he has tried his hand at poetry or literary writing, and has found that he has good ability in both.

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